Circumstances shower down,
Hourglasses kindle,
Colors vividly draining wild,
A lot has come to wither,

Embodied tangled roses thorn,
Momentum starts in freedom,
Vows promised all so vile,
Hearts pumping thick with oil,

- Mutant

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Allow me to feel.

Now I know how a mutant is torn. 
Among words so dead, so pale and hollow. 
On pavement I sit, I mourn on my own. 
Numbed out. Now isn’t the time. 
I don’t long for that, but where do I turn when my words don’t belong?
Is there no support through a plausible tomorrow? 

Happy, merry, fucking thrilled I am for them. 
I know nothing of it and I’ll remain watching in from shadows.
Fighting demons as their…

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Stare through nightmares.

“See that light on the wall there, shining so still while everything else is just black..” 

Bad notes.
I hate it when nights end on a bad note. Last night did. I fell asleep after staring at the wall for two hours. 
It wasn’t supposed to end on a bad note, I just failed to keep the spark going when bad mood washed the good away. 
I didn’t specifically need the “spark” to stay fuzzy either, but…

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Because I have to.
Echoing drums of a beating heart.
Slowing down.

Ever since we fell,
We’ve fallen even more.
So cold, so weak.
So trapped in our own claws.

Our spawn keep growing.
Shelter them from all.
Evolution is at dawn.
We either stay or move along.

“Faith, hope, love”
Words cover all the jewelry.
To bring courage to our souls.
That once abandoned the scenery.

Freckled tiny…

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Harms invisible way.

They don’t know, they don’t.
Never show, I wont.
I plow through the bushes of bloodred thorns.
The more I fall, the higher they soar.

Never talk, never share anymore.
Words they wither, move on with their spawn.
Forgotten I stumble around with my flaws.
The less I try, the louder I call.

- Mutant.

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Flames and

Captains log 1.2

The vehicle chosen to beam me to my designated location caught fire and broke down in the middle of nowhere alongside a motorway for humanity.

Hungry in wait for help I turned a twig into a nice little spoon to eat my greek yoghurt from heaven with. Survival is crucial.

Restless with aborted plans, I had one fine discovery.. A human, behind a pile of dirt drying his ass with a…

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Captains log 1.1 - Gates to the mind of insecurity

Captains log 1.1 – Gates to the mind of insecurity

Captains log 1.1

It seems I have managed to somehow open up the gates to the mind of insecurity. It’s not like I found the massive and far too easily moving doors on purpose, no, they just appeared out of nowhere on a random note. Perhaps not as random as one might think, but random enough.
Minding my own business as I was working on an effective way to start ruling the world instead of being…

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Spin the bottle, know yourself.

Spin the bottle, know yourself.

Illuminate the sounds of your inner being.
Use every ounze of will inside to burn the paranoia to the ground.
Let fear not control the actions you make.
Allow your bones to bend.
Allow yourself to break.
Embrace the moment when your heart bleeds.
Don’t scream when you fall, just smile.
The mask behind which you hide, protects what’s yours through time.
Where no one is let in.
A place where reality…

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